I recently had my second wonderful session with the awesome Mistress Bash. Since our first session I have been Her chastity slave, locked in a steel chastity cage & only permitted occasional hygiene breaks at Her discretion. I therefore arrived at the hotel locked in my chastity cage and bringing with me both my keysafes (to which only Mistress has the combination) plus my leather armbinder & harness ballgag, as instructed by Mistress.

Mistress videod me counting out the cash to pay Her for the session, and as She always does, She ensured that my face was not on camera. I was then ordered to strip naked, down to just my steel chastity cage, so Mistress could strap me tightly into my leather armbinder then blindfold & ballgag me. Mistress then had me lay face down on the bed, tied my ankles spread to the bottom corners of the bed & informed me that She was leaving for a cash-meet She had arranged locally and that She would come back later to tease & torment me afterwards.

Before Mistress left me bound helpless on the hotel bed while She went forHer cash-meet & a drink, She punched me hard in the balls, laughed & then left the room... Later Mistress Bash returned and continued to tease & torment me with some spanking & ball-busting; then absolutely covered my already sensitive balls & cock with wooden clothes pegs, before leaving me again, bound, blindfolded, ballgagged but with cock & balls painfully civeted in clothes pegs!

This time Mistress left me so She could enjoy a cocktail while I suffered alone, bound & blindfolded in Her hotel room. On Her return She decided that to ball-bust me properly She'd need to take my steel chastity cage off. Still bound, blindfolded & ballgagged, I heard Mistress open my two keysafes & remove the keys to my chastity cage lock. She took hold of my cage and I could hear & feel Her trying to open the lock, then a heard a distinctive 'snapping' sound & Mistress exclaimed that She had accidentally (?) broken the key for the lock on my chastity cage by snapping it in the lock!!! With the steel cage securely locked over my cock & around my trapped balls Mistress untied me, removed my blindfold & ballgag to see if I could un-jam the lock by removing the snapped key stuck in it... Knowing the only way i could get my cock out of the steel cage was to remove either the lock or my balls (!) I re-checked the broken lock & found that while still jammed, the lock was actually 'open' as the key had fortunately opened the lock before snapping inside it & jamming it.

I managed to use another metal key to work the unlocked but jammed 'barrel' out of the lock and finally release my cock & balls from their steel prison. As a "reward," Mistress re-applied my harness ballgag & blindfold then whipped & paddled my arse, cock & balls thoroughly! I was finally allowed to sit down, still blindfolded & ballgagged and stroke my cock to a very overdue full erection; but still not allowed to cum until Mistress gave me permission.

After some relentless teasing & a few near ruined orgasms, Mistress decided to video me desperately jerking off, then finally letting me wank off & cum into a towel... With the lock to my chastity cage broken, Mistress was unable to have me re-locked back in chastity for Her before ending the session, so I was instructed to replace the lock as soon as I could & re-lock for Her then. I am now securely locked back into my steel chastity cage, with Mistress in full control of when I can next have an election or orgasm. I am now looking forward to another session with the most sexy but brutal Domme I have had the pleasure to serve - Mistress Bash.

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